Backgrounds and Kaiju

Today, I made 4 new backgrounds for my stencil prints and tried to get id of the clog inside my can of spray paint. The woman in the art store told me that there r two ways to unclog my nozzle: spray upside down to prevent clot, or wash the nozzle out with water. I tried washing it, but the clog remains. I just the got the other can of spray paint working again, and now this happens. I’m going to have to replace it or buy another can. Either way, I might lose money and that is annoying.

Despite that, I managed to successfully print 3 stencils onto my backgrounds (two pastels and one pencil).

After lunch, printed out my Godzilla research to annotate for later, as well as draw the images inside my sketchbook so I can use them for new stencils next week. In addition, I copied and pasted images of other kaiju monsters into a new word document, as I plan to print them out and make stencils off them as well.

This week has been great, and next week will be even better.

Featured image


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