Stencil-Backgrounds and Kurosawa

Yesterday, I finished my research on Japanese director, Akira Kurosawa. His films have had a profound impact on western culture, influencing such well-known directors such as Sergio Leone (Fist full of dollars ) and George Lucas’s Star wars films (Hidden Fortress). I haven’t printed it out yet, but I did take out a book about Kurosawa’s life and works, as well as 3 of his films to watch over the weekend.

Today, I spoke with ms. Jones about my work and what I could do next. Ms. Jones loved my background stencils and suggested I continue working on them for the rest of the day. Following her suggestion, I made two fresh backgrounds to print on (two painted and two shaded in with chalk). I wanted to make a chalk background last week, but didn’t have the time.

After lunch, I produced two, fresh stencil prints on my chalk backgrounds. Unfortunately, one of my spray cans became blocked again. I am very sick of this, and I plan to buy something to prevent future blockage when I return to the art store tomorrow.

Before I could continue with my stencil making, I had to sit down and discuss my work with the other students. We talked about each other’s work and took notes on what we have each done so far for our FMPs. I really liked all of the ideas from the other, especially Anna collage series with fantasy animals. Everyone liked my idea and were impressed with how far I’ve gone with it.

Once we were done chatting, we each made action plans for the rest of the week and for next week. My plan is as follows:

1. Finish backgrounds for stencils.

2. Print out Godzilla imagery and make stencils based off them.

3. Collect imagery of films, animation, games and other aspects of western culture that has been influenced by Japan in some way.

After making my plan, I continued my stencil work and produced loads of new stencils. My ta for the day, Su, helped me greatly by making additional chalk backgrounds for me to print on. I am very grateful for her help, and the help of Heidi and Fiona.

I am getting closer and closer towards my final print and I know it’s going to be great.

Featured image


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