Stencil composition and drippage

On Thursday, I made several more stencils for Friday and next week. I would have done more printing, but I didn’t have my paints, so I just made more stencils and did work on my bibliography. I hate building up my bibliography, as I have to remember all the sources I have used for research, especially for any information from the internet. Remembering all the sites I got my images from was a pain.

Friday, I did some actual stencil printing, playing around with composition and smudging. For my first stencil, I printed nearly all my smaller stencils into one of my large ones, and tried to let the paint run of the page. I wanted to see what happened if I let the paint drip off the page and into each other, similar to the art of Murakami. Only the dark green ran, and not very far. Not too bothered, I went back to one of my earlier prints, where I sprayed large prints all over the page. I wanted to print faces onto them, but didn’t have enough time. Fortunately, I had plenty of time on Friday.

I got up to 8 face prints on my eight separate stencils and while most of them turn out good, some were smudge, though not much. In addition to my stencil work, I also worked on my samurai work, in preparation for next week, as a plan to do a series of samurai stencils.

This weekend, I managed to finish my samurai research, and successfully print out. In addition, I also did several drawings in my sketchbook, which am hoping will serve as more possible stencils on Monday. The one thinking I have been thinking about is new stencil designs and how many I can use.

I watched one of my films today (Millennium Princess), I fantastic film and hoped it would give me more ideas. In the end, the film made me want to track down and watch more films from the director, Satoshi kon.

Overall, this week has been very productive, and I step in the right direction for my FMP.

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