Background and Samurai research

I had two tasks for today: continue my work on backgrounds for my stencils, and begin research on the history of the samurai. Firstly, I worked on my backgrounds, making one out of collage, thanks to the imagery from one of my magazines (a left over from my person brief). The resulting stencil was quite a sight, a combination of magazine images and spray paint, looking murky and black in some areas but still quite a stunning visual overall. The next backgrounds would be paint and pastel respectively, though as I went along, I thought about the last time I used stencil and thought about using more recycled backgrounds (cardboard, old fabric or a sheet of metal).

After I had lunch, I began my research into samurai history and it’s impact on Japan and the world. While I tried work, I met Fiona and I told her about the things that make me angry (loud music, internet through laptop or mobile and going to bed late).

Always helpful, she wrote down a list of things I can do to calm myself (do the laundry, read a book or just count to ten). I must make it a rule to do these activities and calm myself.

After that, I went back and continued my stencil work, and the results for my two backgrounds were mixed. The painted backgrounds went well, but my stencil for my pastel became smudged and paint started to drip. I was disappointed at first, but after I though about it,the dripping paint reminded me of the art of Murakami (one of the Japanese artists am researching). The way the colours just bleed off the page was mesmerizing and surreal, adding an extra layer of depth to the image. I might try to experiment with dripping next week.

Overall, this was a very productive day and soon, I will have the final stencil print for my FMP.

Featured imageIMG_2354


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