Spray Paint and Samurai

For today, I planned to buy more cans of spray paint so I could continue my stencil printing. But first, Ann started the morning reminding us why we need to keep working every week, essentially keeping the pressure on us. Still, am confident I will finish by May. I made more stencils, based on images from my sketchbook that I drew over the weekend and imagery from one of the art books on contemporary Japanese I took out for research. Also, I asked Heidi to get me books on Samurai, as I plan to do research on them as part of my FMP and make stencils based on the images I plan to collect.

After break, I asked Heidi to show me where I could buy more spray paint, but as we got there I knew which store is was, as I have passed it on the past. Once I finished making a few more stencils, I went into town to take out money to buy the paint. Not wanting to spend too much, I bought 3 cans, spending over £20 in total.

After lunch, I tried out my three cans of spray paint (blue, dark green and dark purple), but I had trouble getting the caps off two of them (this persisted all day). Despite this, I managed to produce one big, glorious stencil print on a sheet of A3. I plan to buy more spray paint every two weeks or so, it will depend on how much money I have.

Next week, I plan on making Samurai stencils and buying a sheet of stencil paper.

Featured image


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