Stencil prints-Composition and tutorial

Today, I continued my FMP stencil work. First though, I had a tutorial with a member of the art department. She talked us through each stage we need to cover to achieve a merit or distinction for our final projects (Context, Research, Problem solving, Planning and Production and Evaluation). I also looked at several art students research files, journals and sketchbooks, and seeing all their development and planning made me jealous. It makes me realise that I haven’t done nearly enough work that I should have by now, and that thought depresses me. I must strive to remedy this.

After tutorial, I made a new stencil and started work on of two experiments for the week: composition and backgrounds. For composition, I want to see how many stencils I can print onto a sheet of A1 and for backgrounds, I plan to print on several different surfaces (painted, collage, pastel, white-wash and canvas). My first stencil on white wash background (chalk painted over with white acrylic) was successful, but my composition attempt ran into a problem: it seems I am running low on spray paint, as I had trouble getting any paint form 3 or 4 cans. I have been ma=meaning to buy more and I am hoping it will be this week (Heidi will help me find  a store tomorrow).

I also made a few new stencils, based on the art work of one of the Japanese artist form on of the books I have on loan.

Overall, today felt really long and terrible, but am hoping tomorrow will be an improvement.

Featured image


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