Stencil prints-New Japan

Continuing my FMP this week, I spent the day making new stencils to use. his time, the stencils would be based on wrestlers from New Japan pro Wrestling. Of the many aspects of Japan that I love, I love Japanese Wrestling. Unlike wwe, wrestling in Japan is treated seriously, the ring work is more athletic, stiff and passionate than mainstream and the stars can out wrestle half the WWE roster. With this in mind, I printed off images of Japanese wrestlers last night, so I could draw them as my new stencils.

Before I could do anything however, I needed white card paper to use as stencil (until I can buy the real thing). Luckily, Dylan the technician had some white card on hand and placed a huge amount in the class room for me to use.While using my craft knife, it became obvious that the blade was getting dull. I had a craft handle with several disposable blades, but I didn’t know how to attach them. So I went to Dylan again, and he showed me how to attach the blade to the handle.

This made cutting a lot easier, though my arms still ached. During a break, I spoke to one of the teachers about my proposal and he suggested I incorporate other aspects of Asian culture into my stencil work. I liked his suggestions, as focusing solely on Japan limits me in terms of cultural influences. I plan to look up Asian art either this month or next.

Tomorrow, I will try to continue my stencil work, use my new stencils and do some experimenting with composition (I want to see how many prints I can across two or three sheets of A1). I also plan to but more spray paints next week and experiment with different backgrounds (collage, paint and chalk).

Featured image


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