FMP work continuation

I continued my FMP work today, and got the results of my assessment last week. I was very tired when one of the teacher sat down to discuss my work, but they had nothing but good things to say. Other than some notes on things I need to consider revising in the future (more annotations and integrating my journal into my work more), they loved the amount of research and overall progression of my work.

Unfortunately, I was in too much of a foul mood to continue our talk so I continued my stencil work. With the pictures I printed out last night, I drew several more stencils to use, getting up to  about 7 or 8.

In order to spray inside, I went into the workshop and sprayed inside a vacuum machine, which sucked up any excess fumes from the spray. I know I need more spray paint, but it became more apparent the more I continued to print. Also, some of my stencils got smudged, so i might try to go over them tomorrow or on Thursday.

Overall, it was a good day and I hope to but more spray paint tomorrow and look at example of Japanese street art.

Featured image


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