Final project preparation

This week, I gave in all my work for assessment. During this time, I am off timetable, with no lessons. So, I decided to spend my week relaxing as well as preparing for my Final project. My final major project isn’t due till May, so during the next 3 months, I plan to work on my project, doing research, experimenting and refining it until it is ready for May. The theme of my project is Japan, where I plan to do a series of stencil prints, each one relating to an aspect of Japanese culture (samurai, manga, anime, geisha or music).

Unfortunately, I feel I have spent too much time relaxing and not done Enough work, though I have done some work that relates to my project. In the time I have used to actually work on my project, I’ve done research on a contemporary Japanese artist (Takashi Murakami) as well as look at the work of other young artists from Japan. I’ve also done additional research on other stencil artists (Scot Williams) to give me new ideas on how to do my stencils. I have also collected images relating to Japan in a word document (NJPW, anime, Pokemon, Akira Kurosawa, etc.).

For today and the weekend, I might research the work of Akira Kurosawa, well-known for his great samurai films, as well as watch various Japanese films (live action and animated). This will give me more ideas for future stencils.

Despite getting distracted by the internet for most of the week, I have thought of some ideas for my project:

1. A stencil mural of Samurai from different forms of media (anime, film, cartoon and games)

2. A Kaiju monster, based on the kaiju from the Godzilla series

3. Mount Rushmore, anime edition (Astro boy, Lupin, Goku and Spike)

4. Pac-man inspired monster, with fluid and vivid colours

5. Super-flat version of myself

6. Silhouettes of shinobi (ninja)

Tell me what you think of my ideas in the comments section.

Hopefully, I can draw out some of these ideas next week when I hand in my final draft for my proposal.


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