Drawing final piece

For the last day and a half, I have been working towards my final outcome for my progress brief. Yesterday, I made an example of my final piece: drawings of my iPod and mobile, impaled on a clothes hanger. My final compilation drawing portrait would be similar, but instead of electronics, the subjects that will be impaled with be animals. First, I drew 5 drawings of the following animals: Leopard, Panther, Snake, Hyena and Piranha. I only got to four yesterday, as I also had to present my contextual practice work to be reviewed. As part of my course, I had to research artists whose work would influence my work and shape my art style. Out of all the research I did, I presented 3 to my group. They love my presentation, saying I was very clear and answered questions perfectly. Overall, yesterday went very well.

Today, I finished my final drawing (piranha) and drew the handle of the kitchen that would impale my animals. After drawing the handle, I stuck each animals down on the page and beneath the handle, resembling a totem pole. The knife would be protruding out from the top, like a hunter’s collection of trophies for his hunts. Instead of a random beauty, It looked more like a random horror.

I felt like this wasn’t enough, so I began work on another totem, this time with my mask and random objects from my art box and around the table I was working on. I’m thinking next time, instead of a knife, it will be a Katana that will impale my objects.

I also thought about my final proposal, and am leaning toward spray paint and stencil instead of pencil. I’m getting closer and closer to my final outcome, and hopefully, I chance to show it off at the open exhibition in June.Featured image


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