Proposal work and final project

This weekend, I’ve been working on my final drawing for my progress project, as well as writing another draft for my proposal for my final project. For my final project, I need to think of one, specific idea for a piece of art, research the necessary artists that will influence it, write down ideas for materials to use and styles to use for piece in journal, draw example of what it will look like in sketchbook, experiment thoroughly with ideas and make changes along the way, whittle it down to two final designs and choose the best one to make into my final piece.

So far, I’ve written two drafts for my final project: first draft proposal was a drawn portrait, featuring myself and my family, while the second draft was a proposal for a series of stencil prints, base don Japanese culture. I might think of another proposal, but for now, theses are my primary and secondary choice respectively.

As for my progress project, I’ve drawn several sketches of what it will look like. Originally, my theme was random beauty, where I take random objects from my room and draw them together to form a new image, but recently, I’ve included animals and my recent drawings are more “random Horrors”. Basically, I draw the animals and compile them with drawings of knifes, spears or any other sharp object, resulting in imagery of the creature being impaled. Over the weekend, I’ve done drawings of Frankenstein-like creatures inside my sketchbook, all leading towards my final drawing next week.

I’ve also down annotations on several sheets of artist research I’ve done. I need to present all of them in due time, but for next week, I need to present at-least 3 pieces of annotated artist research for ann Jones (coarse leader) to look lover, as well as hand in my first draft.

Overall, It has been a very productive weekend.Featured image


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