Drawing & Progress

Last week, I took part in a one day drawing project. I had to write down at-least 10 (I wrote down 6 or 7) ideas for different drawings and the methods I would use, pick at least one idea and develop it towards a final outcome. I had to use an unusual drawing method, one that doesn’t involve using a pencil or any other normal drawing method. I had to experiment with different styles, pick the best one and develop it further until I reached my final piece.

At first, I did a drawing of eyes and my own hand. Then, I decided to do a continues of my mask on a sheet of A3. by the end, the page was filled with drawings of my mask. It was a great first picture, but for my next drawings, I was encouraged to use a more unusual method of drawing. I’m used to drawing normally, but I keep forgetting that art is about pushing yourself creatively and experimenting with new methods and styles. So, after thinking it over for a while, I decided to create a spiral like pattern using acrylic paint and a plastic cup. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any cups, so I used the bottoms of four candles. Once I had done enough, I thought it would be a good idea to do a smiley face in the middle of the page. The results were so good, I used the candles again for my final drawing of the day.

My final one would be based on my mask, but in addition to using the candles, I also used my fingers to spread the paint around the face. It was a good use of unusual methods to produce my final drawing.

In addition to the drawing, I also had to do a 30 second performance film in one of the spare rooms. For my video, I wore my mask and bobbed my head from the side. We would watch all our videos this week.

Near the end, we each had to pick 3 pieces of art and talk about them. It was nice looking at the work of the others, as it always inspires me to think of new ways to further my own art.

Overall, it was a great one day project and a nice way to further my repertoire of drawing.

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