Drawing progress continuation

Today, I continued my drawing project. After thinking over my next set of drawings, I came up with several new ideas and utilised one of them today.

First, I drew an image of a tortoise on a sheet of A3, then drew on another sheet a drawing of one of my clothes hangers. On another sheet of A3, I stuck both drawings down together and made a new image. It is a little shocking and surreal, but it fit perfectly with my random beauty theme. I thought about my next compilation image, but the next one I had in mind didn’t pan out so well. So, I asked my TA Su to go to the library and print out images of the followings animals: Hyenas, Piranhas, Komodo dragons and snakes. I plan to draw each of these animals, and then draw a random object I will combine with one of my animals, and create a compiled image.

Once Su returned with the images, I choose to make a compilation pictures by drawing the piranha and the handle from the duck toy. For the piranha and tortoise drawings, I used my craft knife to cut them out of the A3, so that when I stick them down on another sheet, they look like they are apart of the page.

My plan to continue these drawings tomorrow in the classroom, when no one is around. I also plan to experiment with drawings of myself and see how far I can go.

Overall, it was a pretty good work day, though I still fiddled on my phone and it needs to stop.

Featured image


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