Maths and FMP

Today, I thought I was going to do my Maths exam. Instead, I just did another more prep work for it. I don’t mid adding, subtracting or multiplication. And I’ve gotten used to areas, perimeters and number bonds. However, trying to work out the exact price for sport equipment or how much hosting a party of 10 at Farnham castle will cost is agonising. It doesn’t help that I’ve been going to bed late. I don;t know why, either anxiety, excitement or stress, I keep going to bed at 2 or even 4 in the morning and it’s really effecting my health. If anyone had any advice, please share it in the comments section.

After lunch, I went to the library to continue research on one of the artists for my progress brief. ion came and helped me with my proposal for y final major project. As I spoke, she took notes for me to look over and put down on the actual proposal sheet. I need to listen to people like Fiona more, as their help will greatly benefit me in the long run.

After our session, we agreed to meet on Friday to further discuss my final project and write down her notes from today. After she left, I finished my research sheet on Goya, a famous artist and one of the artists I’ve chosen to research for my progress brief. I even took out several DVDs on Goya, Hockney and Warhol, where I hope to find further inspiration and expand my a=knowledge of art..Overall, a stressful day, but I did come up with new ideas for my progress work and I even wrote down a first draft for my proposal for my final draft.


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