Drawing machines

Today. I began my one day drawing project: making a drawing machine or appendage. The goal of this project was to construct a drawing machine or something to attach to a part of your body and do several drawings using your device, as use of hands was prohibited.

I didn’t like this project at first, as it involves 3-D elements and I am strictly 2-D (drawing or painting). During the week prior, I thought about how I could build my machine and wrote down several ideas inside my sketchbook. I also went into town and looked around the various charity shops, hoping to find anything I could use for the project.

Initially, I thought about making a moving drawing machine, using one of my toy cars, but then I thought about something I saw in one of the charity shops: a mobile wooden duck. I bought it, and thought about ways I could turn it into a drawing machine. I thought about breaking off the handle and tapping a pen, pencil or marker to the tip, but then I saw I could combine both the duck and one of my cars, so I drew a picture of what it could look like. It was a good idea and I consider making it today, but then I had another idea that I have been thinking about using for today: a drawing gauntlet, with the pencils at the end. I liked the idea even more than the first one, so I decided to make the gauntlet instead.

I wanted to make my gauntlet  out of black card, but one of the teachers suggested I use wire mesh instead, as it is easier to bend and shape. I followed her suggestion and borrowed some wire mesh from the workshop. Using my scissors, I cut a large piece of mesh from the bundle, measured it against my right-arm (drawing arm) and cut two portions from the piece to make it more manageable. Once that was finished, I cut two portions of black card and stuck them onto the wire using double-sided tape, all the while, Heidi was making a holder for the pencils. Using treasury tags, I keep my gauntlet from coming apart and stuck the holder onto the tip using double-sided tape. Once the pencils were placed inside the holder, I proceeded to do my first of four drawings with my gauntlet. First drawing was just line work, but the others were based on 3 objects in the room: my mask, the wooden duck toy and my big paint brush. The pencils kept slipping out, making it difficult to draw and causing the drawings to be slight faded. Heidi put more masking tape at the bottom of the holder, stopping the pencils from slipping.

Once I was done with my drawings, I had to look around the class and look at the others work. We each had to pick one piece and talk about why we like.

Overall, I enjoyed myself near the end, however, I am looking forward to continuing my drawing brief from last week.

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