Random Beauty preliminaries

Today, I started work on my progress project. The aim of the progress brief is to develop my ideas over the next several weeks of January. I need to think of several initial ideas for a personal art project, pick one and develop it through experimenting with different methods and styles, until I reach a final outcome. Upon hearing what we need to do for the rest of the month, I wrote down several ideas in my journal, several of which I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now.

Initially, I wanted to do a series of mono-prints, with each print being of a random object. I wanted to combine these random objects into a new image, but over time, I slowly lost interest in doing mono-printing, but I still wanted to create new images out of random objects. After thinking about it in my head, I decided to a series of simple drawings, each one combing bits and pieces from objects from  my room. I will continue to experiment with different drawings methods and materials, until I reach my final body of work for this brief. The reason I choose drawing is because out of all the forms of art I’ve done,drawing has always been a favourite next to painting, as it allows me greater concentration and focus when working on an observational drawing or sketching something in my sketch book.

Today,I began my initial drawings, using pencil, pen, charcoal, pastel and paint as drawing mediums. The objects I drew were my bottle installations from my part 1 fine art project I did at the start of my first year at UCA, one of my pencils., my glasses case, my watch, my helmet form my fashion brief, my memory stick and my mask. For each drawing, I used a different type of paper: two sheets of A3, a sheet of brown paper and a sheet of black card. So far, each piece has been very impressive.

This week, I hope to continue with my drawings as much as possible, as well as work on other brief my teacher wants me to do for next week (design a drawing machine and produce a 30 second film).

Featured image


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