Place crit

Today, I finally had my place project critiqued. Before the critique actual began, I stuck my photos onto my wall, where my first set of pictures I took over the Christmas break hung. After break, I began my critique, first by looking at the work of other students. Each piece of work was more impressive than the last, with my personal favourites being Molly Field’s mirror piece, the other molly’s painted wall in the class rooms and Paige’s sunset silhouette. They all had a great use of either scale, composition or colour. When we got to my pictures, everyone were both impressed and intrigued. They liked my mask, and provided their own opinions and insights into what it meant and it’s purpose. I really appreciated their feedback, and enjoyed their reactions to my mask (Note: I should have shown them the actual mask and see how they would have reacted).

Once my critique finished, I wrote down today’s events inside my journal, as well as my final thoughts on the place project. In preparation for my next project tomorrow, I started a drawing based on one of my pictures for my place project. I got as far as the face, but I ponder whether I should do the whole body. I might continue it tonight or tomorrow.

Featured image


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