Printing out pictures and artist research

Today, I bought two new ink cartridges for my printer and finally printed off those pictures. The problem is still there: every-time I try to print something off, I keep getting images that aren’t even on the screen. I might need to take my laptop to IT services.

Other than that, Today has gone well, as I continued my artist research for my progress brief next week. My subjects are Goya, Paul Morrison and Raymond Pettibon, 3 talented artists and illustrators. Tomorrow, I will continue my artist research by watching a DVD focusing on the life of Goya. I will also print off an article focusing on David Hockney (one of the artists for my contextual studies presentation) and annotate it. I will also do some drawings of objects around my room, in order to prepare myself for the upcoming brief. Hopefully, I will finish everything by Monday, though I have more work to do for the rest of the month. January can’t end soon enough.


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