Park Photo-shoot and preparing In-fact, I feel I haven’t done enough work for critique

Today, I began preparation for my critique of my part 2 art work. I wanted to take pictures in the morning, but the weather was very bad, so I had to wait. In the meantime, I handed in a draft of my contextual studies presentation to the student office, where they will look it over and see if everything is in place.

Once the weather was clear enough, my TA for the day(Su) came along and took pictures of me in various spots in the park. Because the sun has just come out, it was getting very bright out, so we had to find the right spots that were well-lit, but could still allow for a clear picture of myself. In the end, we got about 6 or seven great photographs, though 3 were blurred thanks to the sun. I often wonder what others thought of me if they saw me wearing my mask. I didn’t get to see their reactions but I can just pictures their expressions in my mind.

Once I got back, I tried to print off the pictures off my printer, but for some reason, it keeps printing out pictures from Monday (pictures that weren’t even on the page) instead of the recent ones. I’m also running low on ink, so I have to try to print out my pictures before my critique next Monday.

While I couldn’t print out my pictures, I tried to write a proposal for my own independent art project I will be starting next week. It is in preparation for my proposal for my final major project in February. I am proposing to do mono-printing next week, but I can’t decide what kind of mono-prints I should do (mono-prints of random objects from my room or prints of well-known movie characters). I feel I haven’t done enough work since I’ve come back from my Christmas holiday. Hopefully, I’ll do more work over the weekend.

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