Today, I finally got to take pictures with my mask in Farnham. First, Ann talk to us about submitting our essays on-line and how to avoid plagiarism when handing them in. Because am doing a power-point, I don’t necessarily have to submit it like everyone else, though I do need to add quotes that relates to my artists and work on my bibliography. I will continue to work on this tomorrow with Fiona.

Because of the weather, I had to till the afternoon to go out into town and take pictures. In the mean time, I did research on two artists, whose work shares relation to my own. Gillian Wearing and her identity themed photographs and films, and Marcus Coates and his shaman inspired performances.

Once the weather had cleared, Heidi and I went into town to take pictures of my journey to the park. We only got 5-6 photos done before both our phones died. We shall continue tomorrow, hopefully.

Featured image


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