First lesson of new year

Today was the first day back from Christmas, and I had to work right away. Problem, I’ve been away so long, I was too relaxed!. Despite this, I managed to produce some good work and start building towards my final project.

First, Ms. Jones welcomed us back and explained what we need to do this week and next. For this week, we need to finish our place projects by this Thursday and bring in all work that relates to it (research, journals filled with notes, drawings in sketchbooks, blog entries and final outcome). We also need to prepare for our final major project in February, by thinking of and developing key ideas and methods to use. Today, I had to think of several ideas for my FMP. I also had to think of an idea for my progress project, where I have work on my own art project for 4 weeks, in order to build up my portfolio and further develop what my final major project will be.

Based on the ideas I’ve produced, my current ideas I plan to develop include mono-printing (next week) and mask making and performance film (Major Project). For my mask project, I asked Heidi to bring me images of various masks so I can look at them and think of examples of my own masks  I also hung-up my initial photographs for my place project. I showed them to Ann, and she was very impressed.

As I near the end of my project, I plan to go on one last “journey” around Farnham. Only this time, I will be wearing my mask. Heidi will take pictures of me as a walk around the town centre. I will begin from the Lion and Lamb entrance and end my journey at the park.

For the rest of the day, I drew pictures of possible masks for my project, and painted them in my sketchbook.

The countdown towards my final deadline has begun, and I plan on using every minute of my time to work towards it.


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