Work over Christmas Holiday

During the Christmas break, I continued my place work for my fine art pathway course. Expanding on an idea a developed in class, I went on  a journey, walking around a specific location, around a specific area. My first attempt was around Farnham, but for my second, during the Christmas break back home, I decided to walk around Oxford. Only this time, I would be wearing a mask I made at college. The reason for this is because I want the curiosity of the viewer to go where I go, following me ever step of the way on my journey.

I didn’t do it right away, I had to rest for a week. During week two (Christmas week), I travelled to Oxford to meet my dad, where he took pictures of me wearing my mask. We took several pictures around Oxford and wanted to do more, but it was getting colder and the place | wanted to go to next (Oxford library) was closed. In the end, we got enough pictures.

On my last day in Yarnton, I asked dad to come around and take more pictures of me and my mask, this time around Yarnton. Unfortunately, it was getting colder and the setting sun made it difficult to get a clear picture of myself, though the ones we did take were pretty good.

This weekend, back in Farnham, I printed off my pictures and plan to display them in the classroom tomorrow. I think teacher will be very surprised.Featured image


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