Today, I had to bring in all of my part two work for my Fine art pathway course (except the place work, as that is still ongoing). I had to form a pair with another student ( I partnered with Joe, someone I met during the Amsterdam trip), and together we had to review the current amount of work by two other students, while are our work was also being reviewed. I did the best I could to mark the current amount of work of the student I was reviewing (Gerdi) and I noticed that she hadn’t come up with a final outcome or an evaluation. I noted that this needed to be corrected. When I got the result back for my review, I was distressed at first, as the reviewer didn’t notice the research I did for the person brief (though it was under my collage work, so that is understandable). He listed all the things I need to improve for next time (show the progress of my work more clearly and consistent in Sketchbook and show more range with experimentation in sketchbook, not just different collages). I was upset, but I calmed down and realised that it was a fair review of my work. Once the review was over, I had to collect all my studio work and take it home with me.

And that is it. After my final session with Fiona Tomorrow, I am free. I might do more personal entries during the Christmas break, so feel free to go to my second blog, TJ’s World for more. Untill then, Have A Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


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