Place critique

I continued my place project today, as well as prepare for a critique of my work so far. First, I continue my collage idea, attempting to print off more images for my background. Unfortunately, I inadvertently printed the images in black and white. Getting frustrated, I decided to finish my collage drawing and continue my photography idea from yesterday. Before I could display my pictures, I had to pick a certain number of them to be displayed. Once I had sorted through the huge amount of photographs my TA took yesterday, I stuck them onto  two walls going across.

After lunch time, I finished writing one of the critiques for the person brief while waiting to start critiquing our current place work. Once it was time for the critique, I had to form a group with 4 other students and together, we each critique the others work and making suggestions on how we could each improve them (artist research, different materials or different subject that still relates to out brief). When we got to my work, one member of the group, Sofia, took notes on it. As I explained my idea, she took note of the changing nature of the narrative, suggested I change location (suitably a location with a crowd) and suggested I do research on a photographer whose work is similar to mine, Sophie Calle. I really liked her suggestion for research, as well as appreciate the feedback I received from the rest of the group on the amount of work I’ve done so far.

As we neared the end, It was my turn to critique someone’s work, and I ended up critiquing the place work of Mike Ryan. I noted his subject idea(a portrait of a serene area with flowers, with a big city overlooking it), his use of bright colours and suggested he research the work of David Hockney, whose work is very similar. I really liked critiquing someone’s work, offering my honest opinion on how they could change it slightly and writing what I liked about it.

Thanks to the advice I got from Sofia, I plan to continue my work during the Christmas Holidays, taking pictures of myself around Yarnton or Oxford, documenting my journey from point A to B.

For the rest of the week, I will focus on my presentation 4 conceptual studies.




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