Today, I began to generate ideas for my place project. I’ve been thinking about 3 specific ideas since last week: pictures of myself walking around Farnham (not showing my face), Drawings of several well-known landscapes and environments (specifically of places I want to go and visit) and a comparison gallery, where I take ten photographs of two rooms (my current room in the main hall, and my old room in Yarnton). Of the 3, I chose to develop my journey idea first. With my TA Heidi, I went on a “Journey” to the Farnham park, going farther than I have ever travelled since coming to Farnham. While I was walking, Heidi followed and took picture of me every step of the way. In the end, she took loads of pictures, and now I need to decided the number of pictures I wish to present to the class.

Afterwards, I thought about other ideas I could develop, such as the drawing idea. I drew two images based off of buildings of Feudal Japan. I wanted to continue, but I became strap for more ideas. I didn’t want to go back outside to take more pictures of the weather and I hated drawing buildings because of all the details. So, after more thinking and contemplating, I came up with another idea. Similar 2 my previous work, I would create a collage background, consisting of images of well-known monuments and environments, and draw an image of one famous monument on top. Tonight, I plan on collecting the images and make an example tomorrow.

So far, I have 3 ideas and I still need to pick one and develop it towards a final outcome 4 January.




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