Last Thursday, I started a one day project, title “Intervention”. The aim of the brief was to produce a piece of artwork and place it somewhere within the university. After much thought, I decided on my final idea: Make stencil prints of my shoes, set them up in a pattern of footsteps leading towards the refectory and document how others react to them.

First, I drew an outline of my trainers onto a sheet of A-1, used the guillotine to cut it in half, trimmed both pieces and cut out my outlines. Once the outlines were cut out, I had my TA collect several pieces of A-1 and trimmed them to A-3 size. Then, using two cans of spray paint (Violet and green), we made 29-32 stencil prints of my outlines. Once they had dried, Su and I went and placed them near the end of the corridor, towards the automated doors that led outside to the Refectory. The way we set them out, it looked like the foot steps of a student heading outside to get lunch. Afterwards, I sat down and took pictures of others walking back and forth between the doors, and all over my work. I wanted to see how they would react, would they walk towards them, over them or between them.

On Friday, my stencil prints where everywhere and in tatters. Still, it showed the populace going about their day, always on the move and the effect time had on my work.

Overall, it was a nice done-in- one brief, before I move onto my second project of my pathway course: Place.

Featured image


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