Maths and Lecture

Today, I had my next to last maths lesson and my final lecture.

For maths, we looked at different charts (pie, bar and line) and analysing data (Mean, mediums range and mode) As usual, it was difficult, but I did the best I could. After maths, I had a one-to-one with Fiona, so we could look over my contextual studies work. For my comparison between Hockney and Le Brun, I did research on Romanticism, which inspired Le Brun. She liked the research, and the work I did for the person brief, but suggested I take notes that relate to my contextual studies and include them when I present my work. Because of her advice, I plan to do more additional research over the weekend for my person brief, as well as continuing referencing for my studies work.

Afterwards, I went to my lecture. Today’ Ann jones talked about art, design and technology. We saw how art and design has been incorporated into design work (from industrial and product, to fashion and contemporary). This was our last Lecture before Christmas. Yes!!

Overall, another good day.


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