Critique and Place

Yesterday, my class continued with their critiques, where as I have already done mine. Because I’ve finished all my work for the Person brief, I just did private work in my sketchbook. When you don’t have anything to do, you feel a bit lazy and fiddle around. This was me for yesterday, and most of today. However, I did try to do some work for today, concerning out latest brief: Place

Basically, I need to think of several ideas for a piece of art that revolves around a location/environment. It can be based on a real life place (my room, the uni or yarnton) or a fictional place (locations from comic books, anime or my own imagination). Sadly, I didn’t do any actual work till near the end, but I was always thinking about it. I was considering many methods to use for the brief, from drawing and painting, to collage and stencil printing.

Eventually, I did an example of what my “place” would look like inside my sketchbook. It featured drawing and collage, with a bit of imagination thrown in.

I have two ideas right now: a photomontage with imagery of world-famous cities and either myself or a Kaiju monster rampaging all over, or collage of the images and my drawings. I may still do my stencil printing, but I would need to buy stencil paper and more spray paint.

Overall, today was slightly better than yesterday, as I did some work that relates to my next brief. This Thursday will be a one day project, where I get to set up installation art pieces around the university.

Featured image


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