Today, we all had to critique each others art work for our pathway project. Before we could however, Ann Jones (our course leader) showed us a slide show presentation of our next project: Place. The aim of the next brief is to produce a series of artwork based around a specific or random area, landscape or environment. As well as talking us through it, ann also showed us images of artists and their artwork based around a certain place.

After break, I had to wait to join a critiquing group. The first group would have started from 11.45 to 1, and the afternoon group (my group) would start critiquing from 2 to 4.30. While I waited, I decided to continue work on my sketchbook collages, because I felt that they needed to be completed. After finishing one of my experimental, mix media montages, I decided to stick it on the wall, along with the rest of my finished montages.

Once it was time for me to critique with a group, I had to label my work with an orange post-it note, so people will know its mine and leave their initials on it for critiquing later. The waiting was agonizing, I just couldn’t sit down and paced up and down the classroom. Finally, as we neared the end of the lesson, it was my turn to critique with a group. We all looked at 7 person projects, mine included, and critiqued each one. In my journal, I had to write down what each piece of artwork was, what was their purpose, and what I liked about them. I liked all of them, each piece of art relates to the brief, but is done in a different way or using a different style. Once everyone got to mine, I had to talk about why I made it, and what materials and methods did I use to produce it They all loved my work, and hearing their praises made me ecstatic!.

This brief was fantastic, as it helped me further develop my collage background style of art, as well as give me more ideas for future pieces. I can’t wait for the next brief.


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