Final Outcome

Today, I finally finished my outcome for my person brief. Using photographs of all my work (Abingdon to UCA), I created a montage of my best achievements in art, stuck into and around my a picture of my face. I originally wanted to structure it like this: pictures of my Abingdon work at the bottom and slowly moves up to my current work here at UCA. I felt that I didn’t have enough images and decided to print off more during lunch, but till then, I used the images I had and placed them in places where I thought they looked appropriate. I wanted to use all the pictures of my work, but decided to use the best ones, because using all the pictures I’ve taken would have taken forever.

It was very difficult, as I had to try to cover the smallest gaps with an image, but I did the best the I could and used as many images I could get my hands on.

After lunch, I finally finished my final outcome. As I mounted it on the wall, I saw the wide space around my montage, and decided to stick up some of my previous montages up as well. I decided to pin-up my photocopies of my double page, montage page from my sketchbook. However, I chose to finish painting it before putting it up (I started a week ago, but stop and moved onto the next experiment). The last one I pinned up was a recent example from my sketchbook (a mix media piece, where I painted titles/words of things I like into removed portions of a picture of myself), but my TA suggested I photocopy it as opposed to cutting it out of my sketchbook. She did it for me, and it looked great. Prior to that, I finished painting it, as I planned to complete it sooner or later.

Now that everything it pinned up, I just have to wait for critique day this week, and my brief will be finished.

Featured image


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