Person-building towards final outcome.

Today, I continued my work on my person project. Also, more people came round to talk to us about years, 1 through 3, setting up our own exhibitions and taking risks with our work. It was a good talk, though I wish they let us work more instead of talking to us for an hour. Last few weeks, I’ve had nothing but people talk to me about my work, subject and course. Helpful, but gets tiring very quickly.

Today, I continued to experiment with the composition and layouts of my collages, inching closer towards my final outcome. Eventually, I came to my final outcome in my mind: print off a picture of myself, blow it up to A3, cut out certain portions of my face and fill them with images/photographs of all my work up to this point (from Abingdon to my recent UCA work). My final outcome will be inspired by the  work of Nicholas Lockyer, a well-known artist who specialises in collage and photomontage.

I asked Hedi to help me enlarge the image of myself (my control) and produce 4 photocopies, so I could experiment with them and see which method would work. First two were collage,where I  played around with composition and spacing of the area inside my pictures. For the third, I thought about writing words that relate to me inside and painting them, but I had top get in-between the gaps and write certain words/letters very small to fit inside. It was a pain. I decided to stick with collage, since I’ve become more accustomed to it since my Amsterdam work.

After Lunch, I had the opportunity to paint with oil paints. I even bought a tube of spectrum oil paint today in preparation, but the room we were supposed to work in was already occupied with another class. I didn’t get to paint with the oils, but I did see a demonstration of different kind of oil paints and their effects when mixed with solutions/emulsions. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to work with oil paint.

Featured image


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