Person experimenting and essay catch-up

Today, I printed off my presentation for my contextual studies essay, and practiced my presentation with Fiona. After I finished talking, Fiona pointed out what I still needed to do: giving further information on the backgrounds of Le Brun and Hockney. I also concluded, that I needed to compare and analyze two pieces of art from both artists, as well as share my thoughts on them and their work. Once we were finished with my presentation, we discussed my timetable for the rest of the year, my laundry card (again) and my problem with the next step in my person project. During my discussion with Fiona, an idea came to me; I would print out an image of myself, cut out portion of my face and fill them with images that relate to me. Fiona loved the idea, and with her encouragement, I decided to go for it. First, I needed to buy printing ink. I had previously bought two ink cartridges for my printer, but I realised that they were the wrong size. This week, I return one of them and got a smaller ink cartridge (black) in exchange. Today, I bought the coloured one and inserted both into my printer. I printed off my a picture of myself, along with several images that have a relation to myself. I cut out portions of my face, stuck down the images and aligned them with the missing sections. This latest experiment was influenced by the collage work of Nicholas Lockyer.

After that, I contemplated about my final piece and thought about doing an A3 version of what I just did in my sketchbook. Before I did that, I went to the library to continue my work on my presentation and added more details to my biographies of Hockney and Le Brun. Once I felt I had added enough for today, I went to make a A3 photocopy of another print of myself. Unfortunately, I positioned it in the wrong position and the image didn’t expand to A3 size; the paper did. I decided to further experiment tomorrow. When I got back to my room, I used the failed photocopy and my original image and experimented with them, using pastel on one. I will continue work on the other one over the weekend.

Overall, this week was more stressful than I thought, but today was easier and hopefully, it won’t be the last.

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