Person continuation

Today, I continued to experiment with my person project. In addition to collage, I would also use graphite, pastel and paint on the photocopies from Monday, as well as experiment with spacing and composition of my collages in my sketchbook. The results are very promising, but I still need to reach a final design for my project. I showed my teacher my mix-media collages, and he was very impressed, though he suggested I play around with the composition a bit more. I plan on doing just that tomorrow and over the weekend.

After lunch, I continued with my one of my painting collages, but I had to stop as the whole group had to go to the lecture theatre. The reason being was that one of the heads of the university wanted to talk about the other UCA universities and the different courses they specialise in (fashion, graphic design, journalism and computer animation). We also got a glimpse into the many careers in creative arts, with an estimated 89.5% of students in employment in the creative industry. The highlight was watching a short promo for the university, featuring the many graduates from UCA and the careers they went onto. I really liked the promo, especially when I saw that the director of the latest Godzilla film used to study at UCA. It made me want to work harder on my fine art and generate more ideas. Once I got back, I continued with my work. I took my recent A3 college sheet to the photocopier, made a copy and painted an impression of my face onto it. Thinking about  how my two collage pages in my sketchbook resembled a two-page spread, I came up with a new idea for my final piece: it will be on two sheets of A3, images and photographs for background and foreground and do either a painting, or drawing of myself. Tomorrow, I will continue to experiment and try to reach a final conclusion.

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