Person and talks

Today, I continued my fine art pathway project. But first, we had two BA students come in today, where they told us what to expect from the BA (Hons) course following this year. They told us about our future work spaces, working on a specific area of fine art, and how we will be told to set up our own exhibitions in London at the end of the year. The last bit of advice they gave us is to expect criticism and to continue with your future fine art projects, regardless of what others say. Basically, they said we shouldn’t care about what others say and that we should all continue to work on an area of fine art that we each really love. It was very good advice. After break, I continued my person brief, where I began to think about my final idea and to start developing it today. My idea is to get a sheet of A3, cover every inch of it with imagery of things that identify my personality, and draw an observational picture of myself, based off of one of my photographs on top.

Later, we had another lecturer come in, and she told us about the BA course at UCA, Canterbury.  The course at Canterbury is basically the same here at UCA; our zero year will be about working in all courses, until you have found your chosen pathway (mine is Fine Art), experimenting within your chosen pathway and finding that area of it that you want to develop further for next year and for the last year, building towards your final major project, based off the area of your course that you are best at and exhibiting it at a popular art gallery. I won’t be going to another Uni next year, but it was a good talk.

Finally, after finishing my last collage page inside my sketchbook, I started to work towards my final outcome. I had to cut a sheet of A1 in half (twice) to get a sheet of A3. I plan to use various imagery for the background (comics, magazines and photographs) and then I have to find the right picture of myself to draw from.

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