Essay and Person

Today, I went to discuss my essay/presentation with Samantha. She helped me set up my presentation on Power-point (I originally wanted to use Prezi, but felt more comfortable with Powerpoint). As mentioned in an earlier post, I must complete an essay comparing two artists that relates to my chosen pathway (Fine art). I choose Le Brun and Hockney, and decided to present my essay in a slide-show. I set up my Powerpoint and made roughly 6 slides, each one comparing the two artists in different ways (Tine of art, Influences and reflection of own personalities). After my session with Samantha, I went to my meeting with Fiona, and we both looked over my current crop of work. from my Amsterdam drawings to my recent fine art brief, Fiona was impressed with my latest crop of work. I told that, during my meeting with Sam, I would have a new schedule, where I meet Fiona twice a week ( on Wednesday and our normal time on Friday) to discuss how to continue my essay work and look over my work for the week, respectively. Afterwards, we went to the Library, where I showed Fi my Powerpoint and she made one or two suggestions on how I could improve it. I told her I could handle the rest, and we parted ways for the day. Once I was back in my room, I began work on my person brief. I decided to do an example of one of my ideas in my sketch book and base it on the layouts of my Amsterdam sketchbook: sticking images of things i like onto the page and draw an observational drawing of myself.

The first one was so good, I decided to do two more later on. After I had printed out my first batch of images, I saw that my printing ink was running low and went to get more. I found a shop that sells them, but they were two expensive, so I decided to continue my work and buy the ink tomorrow. Later on, I went back to the library to continue my Powerpoint. After that, I went back to my room and did two more collage drawings in my sketchbook. Over the weekend, I plan to continue my Powerpoint and fine art work.


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