Today, I began my one day project involving random pictures we had to collect. The aim of this brief is to create an installation, or “museum”, based on the story of someone from our photographs. I had to form a group and together, we had to decided which picture to use, what the story behind it is, how to display it, which objects to include and what role each member of the group will play in setting up our display. Looking over the pictures we have collected, we chose a photo of a Japanese girl and create an installation of her life following the 2011 Tsunami of Japan. I wrote the description of what happened  to the girl (Akira) and her family during the tragedy. For the rest of the display, we collected images of Akira and her family, her drawings, a stuff clown doll (a memento from her father), images of the Tsunami and its aftermath and letter from Akira’s mother to her grandmother. We even had a clip of the tsunami play on a loop in the background. I collected the images of the family, as well as write descriptions for each one.

After we had set up our display and packed everything away, we looked around at others museum and wrote critiques on at least two of them. Each of the displays were very good, and told a different story. I especially liked the museum depicting the story of someone with a disfigurement and living in a miserable state. The installation strongly implies that the man has been bullied because of his disfigurement and became a drug addict to cope. The message was strong and clear, with appropriate use of rubbish strewn about the corner of the display.

I really enjoyed putting our display together. The message was clear, objects were placed  evenly placed and use of footage of the Tsunami was poignant. If I had to change anything about the piece, it would be to have a more recent picture of the girl, as it would show how she has coped with the event.

Akira (2014)
Akira (2014)

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