Amsterdam and person

Last week, I went to Amsterdam. It was a great experience, as I got to go to a wide range of art galleries and museums, looking at the art work of some of the world’s best fine artists. For the trip, I took pictures and drew sketches of what I saw, form either a landmark , piece of architecture or a painting form a well-known artist, I had to record my trip through 4 sketch books, each one is required to have a minimum of 6 double page spreads of something I saw in Amsterdam. The weather was cold and miserable but no different from England, and the artwork had inspired my next set of artwork.

Now that I have returned, I ave begun my first brief of my chosen pathway, Fine art. It’s called person, and it revolves around identity of one’s self or someone else. For this brief, I have to produce a series of ideas and examples, before doing a final piece, based either myself, someone I know or just a person and their personality traits or something that relates to them. First, after our leader Ann Jones talked us through the project, I had to write down several ideas into my journal. So far, my best idea our masks (to conceal one’s identity), body parts (eyes, lips, arm and legs) and myself and what I like/dislike.

After break, I formed a group with several of my fine art classmates, and we each asked each other questions about ourselves, from what are our favourite films to our most embarrassing moments.It allowed us to learn more about the other and paint a clear image of our respective personalities. Afterwards, we had to see if we all had one thing in common, but that part wasn’t easy as we all have different tastes. The one thing we all agreed on was our dislike of pain (physical mostly).

After lunch, two fine art students talked to us about their work and their experiences in fine art. They discussed their initial path ways, what they did for their first year, and what they are going to do for their final year, as well as how we could set up our own small exhibitions in the near future. It was very informative and gave me a glimpse into what to expect for the rest of my chosen pathway.

After that, Ms. Jones showed us a slide show presentation of artists and their work revolving around identity and self. This was also very informative and gave me some ideas on which methods to use for my brief. After class, I collected my assessment work and went home.

Tomorrow, we will begin a one day project involving the pictures we took in Amsterdam.


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