Assessment, Amsterdam and Proposal

Today, I finally gave in all of my assessment work to my course leader for Fine art. She will be assessing al week, and told me to e-mail her on Friday to come down to room B-30, collect my stuff and hear my results. Can’t wait, soon assessment will be over!

While I left everything in the art studio, I went over to the lecture hall, where our course leader for the Amsterdam trip, Llewellyn Thomas, talk to us about the trip, what time we needed to be there, what we were gonna do in Amsterdam and how we should behave ourselves. While I am looking forward to the trip, I’m hoping it won’t be anything like my return flight from Marrakech last year.

After all that, I began to write my proposal for my contextual research essay, which must be done by January. Basically, I have to compare and contrast two artists who work in similar medium and how they relate to each other. I have chosen to compare and contrast the painting styles of Charles Le Brun and David Hockney. I’m currently researching Brun.

That’s my plan for the rest of this week. I’ve already written my proposal, now I just need to research the two artists and get ready for my trip next week. Hopefully, everything so run smoothly.


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