Assessment preparation

This has been the most draining day of my life. First, I had to get up for and meet Samantha (student services, main hall) so she could help me prepare my bibliographies, guide with Harvard referencing. Before I can give in my work for assessment, I need to reference all the resources where I got my information for all my research for part 1. I listened as best I could, though she did give me a guide to help. I appreciate all the help she has given me and look forward to seeing her next week. After Sam, I met Fiona and she continued to help me with my referencing. She helped me look up all the books I’ve read, all the websites I’ve been to and all the images of printed off for my research. This part was just as frustrating, but after a while, I got used to it and was able to continue for the rest of the afternoon alone. After I’ve done most of my referencing, I went to mount the photo narrative I did with my group last week for Moving Imagery and Photography.

Overall, the day was hard, but worth it. Also, I’ve chosen my pathway course yesterday (Fine Art) and I can’t wait to start it. Over the weekend, I will continue my referencing for my bibliography and hopefully any last bits of research. On a personal note, once assessment is done, I might go out to celebrate. If am not too tired from the pathway work they give the next week!


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