Macro-Evolutionary-Fashion and Textiles

Today, i began my final project of Part 1: Fashion, Macro-evolutionary.

The premise of this brief is to research, design and create a response to an environmental disaster. First, I had to join a group and together, we had to brainstorm possible causes of a disaster, from earthquakes to nuclear war. Once we had enough, we shared our primary idea with our teacher, who wrote it up on the board along with other ideas.

After break, our teacher showed us a slide show to further explain the brief. We need to make a fashion ornament to coincide with a disaster that occurred in a specific time (10000 years or 10 years or even just last year). I had to pick one disaster, elaborate on how it occurred, the results of the disaster and how humanity adapted to it.

My original choice of disaster was the Ebola epidemic currently plaguing West Africa and half the world, but remembering that among the others choices given to us was alien invasion, I chose that instead. The reason why I picked aliens, is because of the slight possibility that scientists will find definitive proof of life in space and the results of such a discovery and I wanted to explore that scenario. I wrote down the premise of the disasters (aliens from Mercury invade earth), the results (half the population dead, cities destroyed and resources scarce) and the response (use of alien technology against aliens, using the sun for solar energy and protection against the toxic atmosphere).

After Lunch, I went to the library to research designers and images associated with aliens, futures and other aspects of science fiction, in order to generate ideas for my own design. I also had my TA, Fi, photocopy and print out more images to help with my ideas. As of now, I am juggling between two designers to research: Levi van Veluw and Hussein Chalayan. I am also currently thinking about my possible design, material to make it, what it will look like and what type of ornament it could be.


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