Today, i finally did animation and I loved it (for the most part). After watching examples of animation from different creators, I began my own animation. First, we each had to bring in an object and draw it on A4. At first, I wanted to draw one of my empty ribena bottles, but saw that it was too plain and switched it with a miniature dragon sculpture, given to me by one of my TA from Marlborough School. My first drawing was straight, but our teacher told us that all drawings must be landscape, so I did another drawing on landscape.

I then had to trace an image of another drawing from one of the other students and put it together with my original, using in-between frames of animation to bridge the gap and lead into each transition of my animation. The other image I drew was a penguin. Basically, my animation would be about the transformation of a dragon into a penguin.

Drawing each frame precisely the same (size, shape and length) was maddening, especially when I learned I needed more additional frames of in-betweens. But, as i progressed, I got more comfortable drawing and made 18 drawings for my sequence.

In order to animate each frame, I had to use a rotoscope, a device that traces over each drawing, capturing the action of each image. Once all the frames were traced over, I clicked on rotation, pressed play and watched my drawings come to life.

It was a great experience, though I now see why hand-drawing is rarely used in animation today. Still, I did enjoy it for the most part and hope to further my education of animation in the future and learn new techniques.


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