Moving image and photography-transformation

Today, I began newest brief: moving image and photography. The best part is that as part of this brief, I have to produce an animated sequence. I have been waiting to do animation for a long time and tomorrow, I will finally get that chance.

But for today, I had to produce a visual narrative based on a specific theme. After telling us a little bit about the project our teacher showed us an image of two black men sitting on a bench and a white man sitting on a bigger bench. The narrative in the image tell us that there is segregation and racism in the community where the picture is taken. It also tell us that the white man thinks his better than the black, giving off an air of arrogance and furthering the racism in the image.

Next, we saw a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Marnie, where the female lead steals money from a safe and attempts to sneak past the cleaner in the building without being caught. The scene had little dialogue, but because of the way it was shot and structured, it gave us an intense and suspenseful narrative that we could follow. It utilised many shots and angles (established, medium, tracking and wide) and built up the suspense admirably.

I was then paired with a group and together we had to create a visual narrative, based on a theme: progress. We wrote down several ideas of progress (war, seasons, progress and Growing up), but in the end, we agreed to use my idea: Premeditated murder. We went over many forms of murder and settled on “escaping an abusive relationship”. I wasn’t very comfortable with the nature of our murder, but it would make the narrative more suspenseful and complex. We drew several storyboards on how the narrative would play out and came to the following order: victim/murderer would poison her abuser’s drink and once he drank it, he would fall to the ground, dead. We then get shots of the events leading up to the murder, from scenes of domestic violence to the victim buying the poison and planning her retribution.

Once we settled on the order of events, we went to the refectory and took pictures of our narrative. I took several images on my phone, to place inside my journal to stick down later on. When it came to the violence, I looked away because I couldn’t stand to see it, even if it wasn’t real. We then went to the library and took pictures of our victim buying the poison.

Once we had enough pictures, we went back to the classroom and uploaded the pictures onto each of our student share. I really enjoyed working on this project, even though I had reservations on out choice of narrative. Despite that, everyone liked my idea and I continued to help with the development of our narrative as mush as possible.

Tomorrow, we will be animating an object of our choosing.


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