Assessment preparations

In preparation of my assessment in two weeks, I have spent the weekend looking over my research, making presentations for my briefs and printing out images to stick in my journal.

Yesterday, I made two prezis of my fine art and visual communications  briefs, including pictures of my work and images of other artists/designers work to coincide with mine.

Today, I printed off images from my fine art brief and stuck them into my reflective journal, as well as annotating each one. I also wrote down annotations for my mix rotation and visual communication pictures.

Later on, I went to the library and took out the following: Flogging a dead horse (chapmans), Fantasia and experimental shorts of Osamu Tezuka. I took these items out to help with my future comparison essay (chapman brothers and another artist) and give me ideas for my next brief, which is photography and moving imagery (fantasia and Tezuka). I did 3 drawings of the Chapman’s art work in my sketchbook, as primary research for fine art and essay and watch two shorts from fantasia (sorcerer’s apprentice and night on bald mountain). Each short was brilliant in their own way: apprentice was funny and adventurous, while bald mountain was dark and mature.

To finish up my essay catch up, I have begun artist research on the chapman brothers, as well as going over my other artists research for each brief I’ve done. I plan to continue my research of the chapmans and 4 other artists for my research file in the coming weeks.

To give a hint of some of the artists/practitioners I’ll be looking at, one works in animation and the other does illustrations.


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