Prezi, assessment and mix rotation drawings

Today, I met Fiona to discuss my upcoming assessment and essay work. But first, I asked her to help me get into my prezi. It would seem I have forgotten my password, though I can’t believe  I forgot a simple password. In any event, I had to change my password to get back into my prezi. Once online, I wrote the title of my first prezi (counter crisis) and would continue it later.

Once that was done, me and Fiona looked over my contextual research and history booklet and what I need top do for my upcoming Essay. I have to contrast and compare the works of two different artists, as well as build up my portfolio of Uni work in time for assessment. With Fiona’s help, I gathered images and pictures from various sources (art books and magazine) of many artists and their art work (including the Chapman brothers). Some of these artists I will research further in conjunction with either my latest brief or to help further influence my art work. Next week, Fiona will help me collect all the work I have done so far we can mount them in time for my assessment on October 27th.

Once I got back to my room, I began my prezi presentation on my Counter Crisis brief. I had to insert images from my file to coincide with my slides, including images of a design from one of the designers I had to research, the Campana brothers. I plan on doing similar presentations on the rest of my work.

After Lunch, I went up to one of the design room to do additional drawings for my Mix rotation. The objects I drew today were an empty bottle of water, can of J2O and carton of tropical juice and leaves from outside. The drawing tools I used were a piece of chalk and charcoal, because I wanted to use alternative means to draw objects, without having to use my pencil. I also took pictures to document my drawings.

I also stuck down an image of Orozco’s LA, DS.

Overall, it was another productive week and next week, I plan to gather all my work for part one and organise them in time for assessment.


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