Fine art-Now make art Critique

Today was the final day of my fine art work. I was worried I didn’t have enough time to finish all of my work and didn’t think I had a final outcome. Truthfully, I was still stuck on ideas and fiddle on my phone, but eventually, I managed to complete my fine art work in time for the critique. I completed my image disfigurements and went over previous ones, by either over painting them or drawing details onto them and decided to swap the two disassembled vehicle bonnets with each other and placed them next to my crane truck. I even disfigured a picture of myself and planed to place it in the middle of my display, along with the other disfigurements.

All of my recent fine art work has been inspired by the following artists: Chapman Brothers (disfigurement), Gabriel Orozco (disassembly) and Gerhard Richter (Painting over pictures and images). Each of their work is distinct and memorable in their own way and is some of the best art work I’ve ever seen.

Once I had finished my fine art, I had to set everything up for display so everyone can see and critique my work. With some help from Su, I hung my disfigurements and bottles on the wall with string and pins, while my vehicle disassembly remained on the table. once everything was set up, our teacher ran us through how the critique should go, put us in groups and allowed us to critique each others work, one by one. Each piece I saw was great, one after the other and it inspires me to continue my own art work in some shape or fashion.

When we got to my display, my group really liked my art work, especially my altered images. They wrote down what the tough and suggested certain changes the next time I work in this style (like using a larger car to disassemble). It was all helpful and sincere.

Once the critique was finished, our teacher showed us a slide show of last years fine art show, the works on display and the careers available in fine art. It was very informative and fun to watch.

I’ve waited so long for fine art and I made the most of this week to use as many materials and methods as possible to create great fine art pieces. I’ve always done fine art for my of my artistic career and while I hope to find a career in animation or illustration, fine art will always have a place in my heart.


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