Mathes, Modern art and Fine art.

Today, I continued my GCSE math retakes. The first half was relatively easy, I had to answer number bonds to 10 and learned about “identities” of 1 under multiplications and divisions and 0 under additions and subtractions. The questions later on were harder (money decimals and fractions). I got frustrated trying to change decimals into fractions, but I composed myself and did the best I could. Out teacher asked us to work on our decimals and fractions before next week.

Afterwards, I had to bring in all my electrical appliances to the accommodation office, so they could be checked over and approved as compatible to use in dorms. I brought in my Iphone, Ipod, printer, Laptop, small shaver and my fan heater. They were all approved as safe and compatible. Afterwards, I attended the second Modern art history lecture, where I learned about the founding of Bauhaus, the surrealist manifesto, Henry Beck’s map of london underground, John Heartfield’s posters for Hitler’s campaign, the first talkie, Picasso’s Guernica, Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, Festival of Britain and New realism founding. Next week is the third part of lecture.

For the last activity of my day, I went to room B30 and continued my Fine art work. In addition to more disfigurements, I made I 3-D deconstruction of 3 Ribena bottles, cutting the into pieces with my craft knife and reassembling them. After that, I got stuck trying to think of new disfigurements for my pictures, though I did think about what to do for tomorrow. Overall, It was another productive work day.


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