Fine art-Now make art, day 2

I continued my car deconstruction today. I originally wanted to stick the disassembled crane truck to the wall using the glue gun, but my TA feared that the parts might fall off (which proved true when I attempted to stick the front on first). So, I decided to stick it down on the sheet of A-1 already on the table. The first glue gun was shoddy, so I switched to a different one and it worked fine. Once the parts were stuck down, I thought about what to do next. Deconstructing art is not as easy as constructing it, especially since I have limited materials to work with. I tried out another of my ideas, which is defacing images and photos. I got a random newspaper and defaced the first image I saw. It wasn’t as good as I thought, so I moved on to my second and it was much better.

I went to the library to get my newspapers and magazines and deface the images. For the first image, I painted over half the face, making it resemble two-face. It was great, but I sadly got stuck again.

I asked one of the teachers for advice and she helped to take apart one of my cars (the one with the rusted screw). I told her about my work and she suggested I look at the work of the Chapman Brothers, specifically their work in defacing pieces of art, such as the Goya etchings. My idea to defacing of images is similar to the Chapman brothers, so I decided to do a series of defaced and distorted images using acrylic paint, pencil and pen, with some dark humor mixed in. In addition, I also drew chimera style images of two of my disassembled cars, each one with the legs of a different species of animal.

Tomorrow, I plan to continue my series of defaced images. I also plan to deface a picture of myself.

Because of the limited timetable, I am unable to continue this brief for long, but hopefully, I will have achieved a successful outcome.


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