Fine Art-Now make art

Today, I began my fine art brief. I have to experiment with various ideas, materials and methods, based around a starting point that was set up by our teacher: Construction. Based on this point, I chose deconstruction, wrote words associated with it and ideas for fine art work based around it, picking one idea and experimenting with it before moving on to the final outcome. First, our teacher showed us a slide show of different artists and their interpretations of certain ideas. I wrote down all the names for research and reference, picking one artist for extensive research: Gabriel Orozco. Afterwards, I did 3D experiments with the following materials: lolly sticks, straws, string and PVA glue. At first, I wanted to construct a arachnid made out of straws, but decided on something simple.

The first 3D piece I did was spell my first name, sing the stick, glue and straw. I didn’t think it was good enough, so a made an image of a crab using the 3 materials, plus a strand of string. It was much better then my first attempt and showed a lot more effort. Once I was finished with that, I went to the library and wrote down several examples of deconstruction in media (TV, Film and art) . I started my research on Gabriel Orozco and his work, including his deconstruction of a citroen. His work on the car coincides with one of my ideas, which involves taking apart the toy cars from my 3D work last week.I liked how he took the cars apart and reassembled them, and since \i still had my toy from last week, I figured it was a great way to utilise them and produce some fantastic fine art work.

First, I started with the wheels, but I needed the right screw driver, so I went to the workshop technicians to help me. He tried one screw driver on my first car, taking it apart in the process. As he did this, I took pictures to document my progress. After the first car was finished, I moved on to the crane toy crane truck. The crane truck had more wheels and parts, but once I knew which screw driver to use, it didn’t take too long to take it apart I tried taking apart the van and power ranger zord, but the screws were rusted in and couldn’t be removed. Despite that, it was a great first attempt at experimenting with one of my ideas. Tomorrow, I hope to continue my to flesh out my idea and hopefully explore the others I’ve come up with.


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