Today, Fiona and I finally settled the issue of my laundry card once and for all. We had to go the the library and I went through everything associated with topping up my card from before, however, Fiona saw my mistake and helped me correct it. I had to put in my second e-mail address (UCA one) along with details of my current residence and number. Eventually, with help from fiona and a member of the library, we went to the laundry room to check and it worked immediately. After that, we went over my recent work and looked at my brief for next week (Fine Art). We then parted ways and I went back to my room, rested a bit and printed out my photos from my mix rotation brief and stuck them in my book. Later, I printed out pictures of this week’s work and stuck it in my book. In addition, I finally did all my laundry, though my clothes are still wet and are still dying. Overall, it was a great day.


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