Counter Crisis-Final outcome

Today, I had to assemble my finish product. I was looking forward to it, but I had difficulty trying to assemble it. Before I could continue, I decided to draw a sketch of my toy table in my sketchbook, hoping to get an idea in the process. The trouble started when my teacher came and offered his opinion of my work. He said I needed to specify what the purpose of my product was and who was the intended audience. I told him it was for children (admittedly I hadn’t gone into much detail on who it was for, but I would have eventually), but he pointed out that the wheels would make the table move and it would be difficult to eat off of it.

Growing frustrated, I decided (reluctantly) to change switch my idea for another one in my sketchbook. I chose the stool with bottles for legs, but the bottles had to be the same and the 4 I had were different sizes and shapes. Near breaking point, I left the room to clear my head. Once I got back, I allowed my TA to help me with my product. She suggested I use tied bundles of straws for the legs and paper for the table top. I didn’t like the paper, so \i picked cad instead. Using my craft knife, I had to cut out my table out of the card, making sure it was the right size.

After that and with help from su, I cut 4 small holes in each side of my table and pushed the straws through so the table would be balanced. Looking at it afterwards, su suggested I make another table to go at the bottom to help further steady it. We cut holes through the second sheet of card and placed the legs through them. During the production of my table, I took many pictures of my product with my phone, to help document my progress. Wanting to add some colour to the table, I painted both sheets red, though the paint caused the top half to sag.

Once my table was finished, I had to critique the others work and comment on their originality, sophistication and potential for realisation. I critique 3, but no one critique mine. I was very disappointed.

Overall, I am glad this brief is over, as i’ve never been a fan of 3D (too many details), but until the end, I was enjoying myself and had fun.


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